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Durability test, Measurement, Analysis and Rental 

Service of Durability Tester 

 We provide test service and rent FlexiGO's testers

Atmospheric Folding Testers
Environmental Folding Testers
Table-Top Testers [Folding, Rolling & Sliding]

Test Process

After completing the test, collect the data and submit a test report

Discuss Test Condition Devise Test Plan Acquire Samples Test Request (Test Info.) Tester Condition Check Test Status Monitoring Start Test Organizing/Analyzing Data Preparation/Submissionof Evaluation Report Finish Test CustomerSatisfaction Finish Request

Test Report

Sample Image

Inspection Data

(Micro-Vision, Display inspection, Surface profiling)

Test Condition :

Atmosphere (280K cycles)

Test Condition : 

Environment (100K cycles) 60℃/90% And -20℃

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