FlexiGO's Patent & Leading technology 

Stress-Free Folding

Inherent and pure durability can be obtained

Patent : PCT/KR2017/013296

Tension-Controlled Rolling

Rolling tester should apply minimal tensile force on the sample 
Torque motor enables rolling test with constant force
Real-time tensile force is measured using load cell
  Patent : 10-2020-0027127

Stress-Free Sliding

Stable and uniform sliding test can be performed without 

any external stress to sample  Patent : 10-2020-0032669

Optimized Chamber Design

No water drop or dew condensation by using 

dual heating wired glass door.


Driving source is placed outside chamber,

so that its durability is guaranteed.

Enable reliable & repeatable evaluation.

Range : -40℃ ~ 95℃
Accuracy : ≤ ± 1 ℃
Range : 30% ~ 98%
Accuracy : ≤ ± 2%

Exchangeability for Rolly&Slidy 

  • Rolling and sliding units exchangeable to maximize utilization of FlexiGO’s testers such as Rolly&Slidy-20, Rolly&Slidy-100
  • Simple to change in ↔ out rolling or in ↔ out sliding
  • Easy to change radius of curvature, Rc

Exchangeability for Foldy 

Easy and quick to change radius of curvature, Rc 

    → Can be changed in 10 minutes without external support

Simple to exchange folding mode, in- to out-folding, vice versa

    → Possible to maximize utilization of FlexiGO’s folding testers

Automatic & Versatile Inspections

Automatically and periodically take pictures along the folding axis

Automatic measurements of display characteristics such as luminance  and color coordinates

Automatic measurements of surface profile in folding area during folding test

Taking moving images to monitor using DVR System

Automatically monitoring the change of TSP line resistance to decide open/short due to folding

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