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Business Field

Development · Manufacturing

플렉시블 디스플레이 내구성 평가설비 개발 및 제조

(Folding, Rolling and Sliding, etc.)

Evaluation · Inspection

플렉시블 디스플레이 모듈, 패널, 부품, 소재의 내구성 평가/검사

Business Philosophy

Mission Statement

세계 최초, 최고를 향한

도전이 끊이지 않는 기업

Strategical Principle

Value InnovationSmart Work로 

초격차를 실현하는 기업

CELVE 고객가치혁신

We make it CELVE 

for our customers!

What is 


Optimized size

  • Folding / Rolling / Sliding Unit
  • Environmental chamber
  • Inspection module


Simple and easy to exchange

  • Convenient combination of IN/ OUT/ 360/ SET Folding Units
  • Simple and easy to exchange Rolling and Sliding testing Units


Cost saving

  • Cost savings due to Compact, Exchangeable, Versatile
     and Expandable


Various options

  • Various inspection systems available according to
    material or display


Durability testing Unit

  • Expandable to 8 units

Environment Chamber

  • Expandable to 4 chambers

Value & Vision

주식회사 플렉시고 
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