GENERATION 1. 2016 ~ 2017( Establishment)

 Year Performance Status
2016. 3. 5Opened office in Industry-Academic Cooperation Building, Sangmyeong University Cheonan
2016. 7. 1 ~ 2017. 3. 31Started a government supported project, ‘Development of Flexible Display Folding Durability Tester’
2017. 6 Established ‘FlexiGO inc.’
2017. 7 Signed the ‘first’ facility contract with domestic display related company
2017.8Acquired certificate of venture company
2017.10Acquired CE certificate
2017.11Completed the FIRST delivery to a display-related company in Korea
2017.11Acquired corporate R&D center accreditation

GENERATION 2. 2018 ~ 2019(Growth History)

 Year Performance Status
2018. 3Attracting venture capital inverstment
2018. 3Registered patent for “Folding device for evaluation of durability of flexible material”
2018.7Environmental Folding Durability Tester ‘Foldy-100’ development complete
2019.4The 1st oversea export of folding durability tester ‘Foldy-100’
2019.5The 1st china export of folding durability tester ‘Foldy-100’ and ‘Foldy-10’
2019.5Environmental Folding Durability Tester ‘Foldy-200’ development complete

GENERATION 3. 2020 ~ (Leaps)

 Year Performance Status


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