CEO’s Greeting

Thank you for visiting ‘FlexiGO’, a company established to lead an evaluation standard of display module, panel, and material for the next generation flexible display (foldable, slidable, rollable) products manufacturing!
Hoping to contribute to the ‘Flexible Display’ era that is fast approaching from dream to reality, we want to thoroughly satisfy reliability, durability, and convenience of evaluation facility from our customers’ perspective; and bring the standardization of flexible display evaluation equipment into reality.

To achieve this goal and grow into a small but flexible and strong technology-driven company, we will strive to become a company pursuing the world first and best with relentless challenge and creativity.

We promise to have even our small outcome make a virtuous circle back to our customers as useful and valuable technology.
Additionally, we promise that we become a company that will assist to society restoration and job creation.

Please encourage us and support us with your attention.. ^^

Thank you. .

GO! GO! FlexiGO!

FlexiGo CEO, Lee, Ki-Yong


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